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“I’m tired of precious little cute development projects. We need to grow these economies. …We’re gonna end up solving poverty in emerging markets.”

Jonathan Nelson, Managing Director of The Hack Fund

Episode 12

Hear what’s happening at the frontier of tech and social impact.

Plan ahead for your business and find investment opportunities.

“We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are highly inquisitive, sharp, have a tremendous amount of hustle, are coachable, are able to articulate their why, and understand that they’ll need to create some white space in their industry in order to create growth. Our heart is really for people who want to change the world… it requires a deeper resillience to get impact-driven products and services to the world.”

Kieth Ippel, CEO at Spring Accelerator

Episode 19

Realize the enormous difference one person can make.

Then, go take your next game-changing action.

“Choose a Global Goal, start doing some research, and you may come out of grad school with a company… and be the happiest you’ve ever been.”

Sonah Shah, CoFounder of NeoPenda

Episode 13

In September 2015, 193 countries agreed on the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are intended to address social, economic and ecological problems like poverty, equality, and energy. Check out the goals in this video from the UN Global Goals website. And check out our Episodes page to see what each goal means and read up on the 169 measurable targets.

SOCAP19 Feature: Global Changemaker Sessions Free Livestream

OCTOBER 2019 PRESS RELEASE SOCAP19 Livestreams Global Changemaker Sessions Addressing Solutions to World’s Toughest Problems   ~ Digital Pass Experience offers live community connections and insight into what is working in social impact today during Social Capital...

Top Five Lessons Learned From Our Singularity University Series

In the SU series, we heard from some of the top minds at SU on how to leverage exponential technology and incorporate it into your own business. We saw some of the implications that exponential technology will have on our futures, and we saw the impact this technology...

Sustainable Transportation: Levitating at 700mph in the Hyperloop

In the next 10 years, you will be able to fly above 700mph between cities in a levitating pod. In this episode, hear how the Hyperloop works and what this technological innovation means for city life in the 2020s. _ _ Episode Summary With fast-moving pods magnetically...

The Moonshot Factory: Building AI that Amplifies Humans

Dr. Radhika Dirks' mission is embodied in the organization she's been building called XLabs. Simply put, the mission is to unleash Moonshots and change the perception of what people think is possible. "Moonshots" are the kind of goals and projects that invent a new...

12 The Blockchain VC Fund to Tackle Poverty

In this episode, find out how the Hack Fund platform uses blockchain to create accessible funding for startups outside of Silicon Valley.   Episode Summary 6:30 How to Raise $5 Million: “I don’t know man, I’m a nurse!” Jonathan shares the journey of balancing nursing night shifts, coding, and running Hackers and Founders events. 14:00...

11 Impact Investing For Everyone

The founder of SoCap and ImpactAssets shows how impact investing works, and how to start a private foundation with as little as $5,000.       Episode Summary 2:15 What is ImpactAssets? Tim talks about how impact investing works, and what differentiates it from regular investing and venture capitalism. 9:30 What Was Impact Investing Like Before? Although...

10 The Blockchain-Powered Platform for Global Problem Solving

The internet is great at two things: breaking down big ideas into smaller topics and matching people. Adam and Chandler ask, can we solve Global Goal - sized problems with the internet? On this episode, we find out how DoGood.io can do just that.   Episode Summary 7:00 The 4 Keys to Solving a Massive...

9 How Technology Grows Businesses In Emerging Markets

  The founder of I-DEV shares how tech, microfinance, and strategy in underdeveloped countries helps mom-and-pop-shop economies thrive.     In this podcast, you’ll hear what the inside of an impact-investing and strategy company looks like. You’ll also hear what questions an impact investor asks to find out what problems and needs are occurring on...

8 Building Businesses in Space with Satellites and Sensors

The founder of HyperCubes describes how to solve complex global problems with tech and build a disruptive company with satellites. Can one person make a difference in the UN Global Goals with exponential technology? In this episode, the founder of Hypercubes says yes. Episode Summary 2:00 Planet Diagnosis Data | Hypercubes uses cutting-edge satellite, sensor and...

7 Increasing The World’s Emotional Intelligence With AI

In this episode, Jalen Gildersleeve talks about MindHak's revolutionary mental health and emotional development support technology, and how to use AI for good.    Episode Summary 2:00 This Bot Knows How You Feel | Learn how the MindHak app can learn your emotional patterns and beliefs to provide tailored content and resources to support...

6 Tablecloth.io: The Platform to Measure Company Impact with Data

After starting social impact work at 16 years old, Nelli Garton has valuable insight on the value of social good ventures. In this episode, we'll hear her speak on the social impact investment platform she started to address the problems she saw. Episode Summary In this Episode We Cover: 2:00 Nelli’s background and story into...

5 3D Printing Wheelchairs to Reduce Inequalities

____________  Summary In this episode we cover: The story of how Keoke and the team at Participant. Life got started in the Wheelchair industry and what they’re set out to solve. The current status of the wheelchair industry. Understand the basics of how the Participant business model works and their plan to scale. A...

4 Building International Movements with the Rise Platform

_________________ Patrick Kronfli has his 10,000 hours creating successful global movements around the world. In the last six years, Unify has created movements involving 10 million people over 15,000 cities, in over 150 countries. Unify has completed events impacting multiple Global Goals, and now they are building a tech platform to allow other people to...

3 Leveraging The Power Of The Crowd To Tackle The Global Goals

__________________ HeroX allows people to get involved with global projects, and allows groups to crowdsource problem solving around their projects and organizations. This means anyone can tackle a challenge they care about, no matter their skill set. __________________ __________________ Podcast Summary In this episode we cover: How the HeroX platform works and why crowdsourcing is...

2 From Fintech Founder to Angel Impact Investor

_______________ Sandeep is an Angel Impact investor who currently consults MongoDB to manage their databases and invest in promising projects. In this episode, find out what it takes to invest in technology companies to make a difference. And if you're a social impact entrepreneur, listen in to hear what technology investors are looking for. _______________...

Coming Soon: The VC & Impact Investment Series


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