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The Mission

The mission of the podcast is to showcase some of the most exciting exponential solutions to the global goals. These are the businesses and leaders dedicating their lives to eradicating these problems and putting them where they belong… in a history book.

Our Promise

We are committed to you as the listener, to bring you raw, real, authentic, and nerdy conversations from the most innovative game changers on the planet. Every week.

Global Goals

Imagine the entire world coming together to agree on 17 goals that face everyone on the planet… Broken down into 169 specific targets. And they all agreed. It may sound crazy, but it’s true. So we’re going to talk to the people on the planet most poised to tackle them with business.

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20 The Data-Driven Countdown Clock to End Extreme Poverty

Did you know 1.1 people escape poverty every second? The World Poverty Clock uses data to countdown toward Global Goal #1, no poverty.  Episode Summary In this episode, we talk with Kris Hamel, Chief Operating Officer at World Data Lab. World Data Lab sources...

19 Spring: The Startup Growth Company Behind 350 Impact Entrepreneurs

Spring has helped 700 entrepreneurs launch over 350 business globally. In this episode, we talk to Co-Founder and CEO Kieth Ippel to hear how Spring’s growth programs work. Episode Summary Keith Ippel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Spring. Spring helps social...

Bonus: Six Real-Time Data Resources for Social Entrepreneurs

“If you're doing something for me without me... it's not for me" In this bonus episode, Chandler shares six resources for social entrepreneurs to know what’s going on in the world - so you can start solving problems that matter now. Podcast Summary As social...

18 Empowering and Employing Talent in Africa

The average age in Uganda is 16 years old, and the unemployment rate is over 60%. Nationally, 400,000 people graduate university each year in Africa while only 80-100k jobs open up! In this episode, we will talk about the online platform that closes that...

Coming Soon: The Singularity University Series



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